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Not Suitable for Children


Not Suitable for Children is a romantic comedy about a young playboy who, learning that he has only one month to infertile until it comes out into the world to become a father. If in twenty years time entertainment is certainly Jonah Reid (Ryan Kwanten) is one of the biggest revelers. Impulsive and charismatic Jonah lives in a dilapidated house, surviving from the income of parties whose massive and impressive host each week, along with his best friend, Gus (Ryan Corr). All maintenance and outsourced management but by fellow apartment Stevie (Sarah Snook).

From an unhappy discovery after a one-night, Jonah is diagnosed with testicular cancer. Ensured that his life is not in danger, it warned however that the treatment will have to follow will lead to total and permanent infertility. Shocked, Jonah goes directly to a sperm bank in hopes to retain parental future, but when the sample fails to effectively freeze, Jonah does not remain only one option to become a father – and that natural conception … the next four weeks!

Suddenly, the party has a master radical change of priorities. Paternal instincts burners, Jonah decides to procreate before it is too late. Thus, Jonah begin to contact former girlfriends, from Ava (Bojana Novakovic), but after failing to persuade her to give up her life begins to contact almost every girl he met before, until that Stevie to give him a lesson in reality.

Advising him to give up the strategy with former lovers and to remove emotional complications, Stevie Jonah assesses options with great sincerity, aligning candidates and organizing meetings. But as Stevie’s efforts prove in vain, and time is running out, Jonah realizes that the best candidate is closer than he thought.

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