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Oh Boy


“You know that feeling when people around you seem strange? And the longer you stay on thoughts, the more clear that people see, but you yourself are the problem.” Niko has almost thirty years and some time ago interrupted his studies. Since then lives his moment nights wandering the streets of Berlin and marvel at the people around him. Niko is a wanderer and a listener which people tell their stories. The camera follows him day and night and includes black and white and cool jazz atmosphere of Berlin life beyond elegant decors.

Niko will leave at the end of the day really “his comfort zone” to change his life? He will conquer it on the coveted Julika? He will get even coffee cup then all crave?

Celebrated as the ultimate film about Berlin and spiritual portrait of the generation of thirty years, the film has been compared to Jim Jarmusch’s early works. “Oh Boy!” It is the directorial debut of Jan Ole Gerster, also the screenwriter of the film. The film had a surprisingly successful public in Germany and was awarded many prizes, including the German Film Prize.

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