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Our Idiot Brother

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Paul Rudd is Ned, an idealistic man who forgot to grow and mature so he remained with all the innocence of a child. But his innocence is taken as silly as Ned’s an adult so gullible that they’re very easy people to harm. Ned has three sisters who can help him – Liz, Miranda and Natalie – so that once out of prison, bursts into their lives, one by one.

Every time the guest is sleeping on the couch in the home of one of the sisters, manages to do something unbearable and to spoil relations with the sister. Finally, it is understandable why Ned, adorable and playful as it is, can not have a lasting relationship than with his dog, Willie Nelson. But the sisters will discover that Ned has a beneficial influence on them and will be one that will help them fight their inner demons and make changes for which they had no courage before.

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