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The film tells the story of a man who works as scavenger for a financial loan company and threatening those brutal credit for reimbursement. Unexpectedly reunited with his mother, who abandoned him at birth, cruelty protagonist “succumb” to the maternal affection and he waives job. However, violent deeds do not remain without consequences: in the midst moments of closeness and happiness with Mom, this is abducted.
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “Cho, particularly mysterious in the mother, and Lee, ambiguous role of a recovery are a duet of the absurd, which KIM pushes to the limit by the title given to the film, likening the relationship protagonists with Pietà Christian and sadness Virgin Maria embracing the dead body of her son, Jesus. This reference transcultural unsettling persists over a disturbing stories. ” (Deborah Young)
“Winner of the Golden Lion at this year’s Venice market KIM KI-DUK, one of the most innovative and talented filmmakers from Korea, is a film scholar, an allegory hard about capitalism to the extreme and how it shapes and transforms human relations. it tells the story of a man who works as a recovery of debts, threatening brutal people for reimbursement. Without any family, so nothing to lose, he continues this way harsh life, indifferent to all the pain caused countless people . Someday, it shows a woman claiming to be his mother, who abandoned him at birth and it takes on the blame for how his son has come to be today. in this story ambiguous morally, spectator it is left with the difficult task of deciding whether any of the characters deserve compassion. ” (Diana Mereoiu).

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