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Charlie Masceranhas is one of the best thieves in Mumbai and has a girlfriend, Naina. In Goa, Raj, a friend of Charlie is killed by the Russian mafia. At his death, his wife Raj finds a CD containing details about the location of gold worth 100 crores. Charlie and Riya watch the CD, the secret and decide to go undercover to rob the train that is transported gold. They employ a team to join them in the robbery: Spider-best hacker in the world, ball-expert in bombs and others. The robbery is executed successfully but Spider flees with gold. Charlie and Victor father Nain are complicit, and when Naina is, angry at the two. Naina is then kidnapped by Spider and Charlie try to save her with the help of Bulai, Sunny and Riya. In these tense circumstances, Victor, Naina father is killed by Spider.

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