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Pretty Tough

source: imdb.com (plot and image)

Placed in a privileged and picturesque world of Malibu, this drama with pediatric patients is based on the successful novel of writer Liz Tigelaar ( “Dawson’s Creek,” “Brothers & Sisters”). Their story centers on Charlie and Krista Brown. Although they are sisters, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum popularity are forced to learn to form a team both on the field and in life. Charlie (Adelaide Kane), life at the Academy elite Beachwood just about bad behavior of others towards it. Because this is a tough loner who sees its interests; these include surfing the waves in Malibu. Krista (Crystal Young) is the older sister of Charlie and lies at the opposite end: she is smart, pretty and meets with the most popular boy in school. It is very possessive in terms of its territory and mischievous, often with her sister.

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