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Pyat nevest

May, 1945. The war was just over, but the soldiers who marched victorious liberators in Berlin are still not free to leave; they are kept in service. The brave pilots of combat aircraft and especially handsome Vadik Dobromislov are very upset about this situation.

Can not wait to marry his girlfriend of correspondence, Nastia. When his friend Lesha Kaverin obtain a mission that he can return home, Vadik asks a favor: take his documents, to marry Nasya under the name of Varik and bring it back to Berlin as his wife legally. Lesha agrees to enter into a risky adventure, but they fail to keep their plans secret.

Everyone wants to get married and fly from Berlin to documents Lesha four of his friends. Pretending to be each of them, he must marry in the village of Nastia and have only one day available for this.

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