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Wilf and Reggie are friends of a lifetime and retreated with Cissy in a home for retired opera singers. Every year at Beecham House is celebrating the birthday of composer Giuseppe Verdi in a concert Charity, funds raised on this occasion being used for maintenance and upgrading asylum.

Plans residents are turned upside down by the arrival unexpected of Jean Horton’s ex Reggie and the fourth member of the quartet consists of Reggie, Wilf and Cissy, a former prima donna with fancy and behavior diva, who has always enjoyed more acclaim than her colleagues.

Jean has an obnoxious temperament and reputation for being difficult, so nobody is surprised when the quartet unquestionable star refuses to sing at the concert annually. Old resentments resurface and generate chaos, the rehearsal schedule was severely affected, and the show is in danger of no longer take place. A reunite under one roof four of the most talented opera singers in British history turns out to not be a good idea because egos collide and jeopardize peace asylum residents.

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