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Red Lights


Mysticism and superstition can give people hope. If there is something beyond our world and this reality, something we can not see, then perhaps there is a loophole to a source of secret knowledge that have access only the initiated can provide solutions to problems that go beyond science and our preparation . Of course in most scammers are those that appeal to our emotions and the desire to know the mysteries of the universe. But they do nothing but manipulate crowds through their special talents.

Supernatural thriller Red Lights gives us perspective of seeing things through the eyes of skeptical scientists. Dr. Margaret Matheson and her assistant, Dr. Tom Buckley, use of science and its reasoning to dismantle myths created around paranormal and psychics and clairvoyants to demonstrate that all those who claim to possess supernatural powers and abilities are not nothing but charlatans.

When famous psychic Simon Silver of anonymity reappears after a long period of withdrawal to give people one of the most spectacular and grand events, Tom Buckley thinks he finally has the chance to expose the biggest fraud in the world. Margaret still steadfastly refuses to help him carry out an investigation on its strength and paranormal abilities. Tom starts alone in search of truth and becomes increasingly obsessed by the desire to unmask him Simon and expose to the world the truth, namely that it is only an imposter. But so be it?

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