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Red Sonja


Red Sonja is an invented character, a warrior with a sword, bloody and powerful. The film takes place in the distant history, ” Hyborian Age ‘, in prehistoric times, adventurous seek justice after his family had been exterminated by tyrannical Gedren – in search of total world domination. After conducting a bloody raid on the city Hablac manages to destroy and kill the protectors talisman that would have given unlimited power over mankind. Red Sonja, sister killed in the raid witch, starts with his magical sword Gedren looking witch to a stop and kill. Sonja manages to survive the terrible happenings, being saved by another spirit that gives strength and helps to get revenge. Seek protection talisman powerful witch and priestess only destroying the benefit of its powers and take over the world. Talisman was surrounded by numerous legends including the belief that the world would be made by the powers of darkness, one day, if the talisman would not have been destroyed. Sonja finds supporters among enemies witch and is helped by them in battle with monsters placed witch talisman to guard. After Sonja manages to destroy the talisman, causing a chain reaction and it was preserved temple is destroyed. The film is directed by Douglas Aarniokoski.

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