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A picturesque town in Michigan has held a series of mysterious murders, with a common thread and unlikely, leading to Bryan Spikes, an employee of an office of investigations of fraud, from an insurance company with a good salary, more than average, which is inexplicably murdered and accused of murder.

A year later, Alex Forrester, investigative journalist, arrives in town to investigate the case, revealing the shocking truth behind the murders, but his informants in turn die, soon learning that could be the next victim.

It seems there is no one who can trust, including any in Heather, Bryan’s ex-girlfriend and either too new and its friendly neighbor, a former US elite. The more in-depth research done in his life and Heather, the more dangerous.

What is the secret of this city where everyone is hiding? What is the relationship between Alex and Bryan? He must know the truth now, not as compensation but for revenge.

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