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Kate writer and architect Martin faces major problems in marriage after she lost a pregnancy, which is why they decide to withdraw the isolated island Blackholme to heal the wounds of soul and passion to rekindle the spark in their marriage. The silence and solitude of the spouses is troubled but a wounded soldier named Jack, they receive in their cottage and informs them that in Europe broke a pandemic caused by a virus that spreads rapidly by air, an infected person no chance of survival. The panic brought unsettling news of Jack, Kate Martin and barricade persuaded to leave the cottage to not come into contact with any victim of the deadly virus, dezasamblând furniture and turning it into planks to lock the doors and windows of the house. Shortly after his wife in a cottage close with the unknown that invaded their island, Jack becomes increasingly more violent and aggressive, threatening them with a gun, and making indecent proposals woman, Kate Martin and Giving realizing that have transformed themselves into a prison house from which might not get out alive.

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