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Robinson Crusoe


Living on a tiny tropical island Friday, a parrot exuberant, surrounded by his friends in that tropical paradise. But Friday can not prevent to dream of trips to discover the world. After a storm, Friday and his friends find themselves face to face with a strange creature: Robinson Crusoe.

Friday first realizes that the alien stranded on the beach is starting his ticket to leave the island to explore new worlds. In turn, Crusoe quickly understood that his chance to survive on this island is to befriend Friday and other animals.

It’s not easy at first, because animals do not speak human, but then, slowly and surely, we all get to live in harmony. But one day, their peaceful life is turned upside down by the arrival of two cats to come determined to take possession of the island.

Between Crusoe and his group of buddies and two cats start a battle that will make them what really force a friendship.

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