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Rogue River

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Mara is a young woman suffering following the recent death of her father. She decides to take the urn containing the ashes of his father and to go to Rogue River, a place where her father took her child and to disperse its ashes into the river.

In a morning goodbye to her brother and go to the Rogue River. The place is a little strange and oppressive silence hangs in the air. After a moment of privacy while he is interrupted by the appearance of Jon seems to be a local. After a short dialogue Mara wants to leave but notes with amazement that his car was gone. Villager Jon was offered help to find the car the next day, but until then invites her to his home where Leah, his wife had just prepared meal. After a few moments of restraint Mara accept .. ins will prove that Leah is just Jon’s wife and the two developed a rather strange behavior. What they hiding?

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