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Season of the Witch

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In bygone times, in a land ravaged by wars, past Crusaders returning home to find their land ravaged by plague. Cardinal (Christopher Lee – Lord of the Rings) is convinced that the terrible plague of hell is a curse brought upon the people by the black witch. She sees weaknesses hidden deep in the hearts of all. And what he sees, uses against them. Behmen (Nicolas Cage – National Tresure, Knowing, Ghost Rider), a hero of the Crusades, with Felson (Ron Perlman – Hellboy), his comrade in arms, are elected to lead the strange woman at a monastery isolated, where monks through an ancient ritual will remove the curse.

Along with a crook, a young aspirant to knighthood, a bitter warrior family left without a priest naive, Behmen and Felson start a journey packed with hazards. Skills and courage placed at their hardships, as the girl discovers the dark secret and realized that struggle with a terrifying force that has the power to determine the fate of the world. A force led by darkness in the service of death and destruction. And to save mankind, these warriors must pass through Hell.

Conducted by a team with an impressive track record, director Dominic Sena (Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish), Charles Roven manufacturer (The Dark Knight, Get Smart) and the best specialists in special effects (Fast & Furious, Vantage Point; X- Men: The Last Stand, Rush Hour 1, 2 & 3, Predators, Max Payne, The International, Cold Mountain, Robin Hood, The Illusionist), Season of the Witch is a supernatural thriller of epic proportions. From January 21 theaters. A film distributed by MediaPro Distribution.

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