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Secret of the Wings


Bells, one of the most beloved Disney characters will be banned adventure in a land where you will make the discovery of his life and also will learn the secret behind his magical wings.

The story begins when the mysterious nice walks Forest fairy bells of winter, a mysterious place, but sunny fairy prohibited without knowing that this puts the PerioLase even magical wings. Curious by nature, sunny bell not resist the temptation to explore uncharted territory and its fragile wings wrap in a warm coat, and then venturing into forests winter. There it meets Periwinkle, or blue, as if wings whose catch glimpses when Clopoţicăi around. The two fairies in different territories soon discover the secret of magic wings: they are sisters, both having roots in the same baby crying.

The two sisters found a strong friendship links and soon became inseparable. To not return to the land of nowhere without her sister with her magical powers bell meştereşte a temporary generator snow, which you can carry along the blue on Sunny Land. Although they have been warned that this act can have serious consequences, the little fairies was simply beaten and walked together to the Land of Nowhere.

The warnings that they had but two courageous prove true, and brought along with bluish snow can freeze or even destroy both country Nowhere and pixie dust tree. In this difficult situation, and blue bells have the difficult mission to save the land-ice house, before it’s too late.

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