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Seeking Justice

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Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) is an English teacher passionate about his job, his happy marriage with Laura (January Jones), a successful musician. The two enjoy their quiet life with concerts, barbecues in the garden and especially the passion of Will parties chess with the school (Harold Perrineau). But everything changes one night when Laura is violently attacked on the way back from the studio where he had rehearsals.

Beaten and raped, Laura is now unconscious in hospital. While waiting anxiously for any sign of improvement in her situation, Will is approached by an individual very presentable (Guy Pierce) that makes offer to find justice immediately, without going through the pangs and sufferings process. You will have to decide on the spot, so it is quick and agree to enter into a vigilante organization on their own, whose shares are as dangerous as it is frightening.

Seeking Justice has in the forefront of distribution by Nicolas Cage, January Jones (“Mad Men”), Guy Pearce (“Hurt Locker,” “The Road”, “Memento”), Harold Perrineau (“Lost,” “28 Weeks Later “) and Jennifer Carpenter (” Dexter, “” The Exorcism of Emily Rose. “). Directed by Roger Donaldson belongs to (“The Bank Job”, “World’s Fastest Indian,” “Thirteen Days”) from a screenplay by Robert Tannen original. The filmmakers are James Stern (“An Education”) and Ram Bergman (“Brothers Bloom,” “Brick”) from Endgame Entertainment, Jenno Topping and Tobey Maguire and from Maguire Entertainment.

The team behind the camera is comprised of the built-in image David Tattersall (“Star Wars” I-III, “The Day the Earth stood Still”), production designer Dennis Washington (who worked with Donaldson at the “World’s Fastest Indian” and “Thirteen Days”), costume designer Caroline Eselin (“Leaves of Grass”) and stunt coordinator Andy Cheng (“The Green Hornet”, “Twilight”).

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