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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The dark city Sin City, Dwight plans revenge against the woman who betrayed him , Ava Lord , while Nancy is trying to overcome the death of Hartigan . A Dame to Kill For is the successful sequel to Sin City ( 2005) , directed by Robert Rodriguez same , with Frank Miller, comic book author . The story will be based on the second book of the series BDs . The book presents new adventures of Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin ) , placed chronologically before those in The Big Fat Kill . Ava Lord , a woman from his past , returns to his life, thus creating many problems .
Wallace is a former soldier who saves a suicidal , Esther , from death. The two go for a drink together, but Wallace is drugged and kidnapped young . Went looking young with Delia , her roommate , Wallace is attacked by Manute (Michael Clarke Duncan ) . In his search , he helped a former war comrade whom the captain says . Finally , Esther is found Roark family farm and released on condition that Wallace does not reveal some secrets .

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