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A corruption investigation, Colva town inspector, Rajesh Kadam suddenly commits suicide, leaving behind a devastated wife, Megha, a boy, Nitin. Megha take the case into his own hands to prove that her husband’s death had been staged by a gangster, Jaykant Shikre, and insists van, the CBI’s involvement.
High Court asks Jaykant without saying why it is accused to report to the Police Station Shivgad, located on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. He refused, and the inspector Bajirao Singh, recently fell in love with the amazing Kavya Bhosle, go to his house to arrest him, but there is greeted by a small army. However, the inspector manages to catch him and lock him in the gangster. Jaykant, enraged, its plans with a calm and cold-blooded vengeance terrible for those who have put in jail.

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