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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

It was obvious that of all the key players who had to return (we even have confirmation Phasma captain escaped compactor garbage), but one of the secondary characters of which we are certain will appear in Episode VIII is Maz Kanata. She was inexplicably abandoned the “Awakening Force” during the attack on her house and went on Takodana after resistance saved the day. Part of this was due to her role in the plot changed at the last moment (it was originally to meet with Leia). Well, fans creatures with small ears and orange eyes can sleep happy – Lupita Nyong’o not only came back for Episode VIII, but also has a more important role; It is immediately after the main stars in the distribution list. In Episode VII, her personality seems to weaken (she went from the enigmatic eccentric), but the idea of ​​beings who are in tune with the Force, even if they are not capable to handle it is certainly an interesting one. However, it’s possible to solve the great mystery parental Rey in this episode.

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