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The film follows the adventures of Will Montgomery (played by Nicolas Cage), a master of thieves sentenced to eight years in prison after being duped in a robbery that had not gone according to plan. Once freed, he is ready to leave behind criminal past and to rebuild the relationship with his daughter, Alison Loeb (played by Sami Gayle).

Montgomery’s former accomplices and Tim Harlend FBI agent (played by Danny Huston), are convinced that the prey – shares worth $ 10 million – has been hidden from Montgomery, before being sentenced. Actions to seize stolen, his old friend robberies, Vincent (played by Josh Lucas), kidnaps Alison, being the ten million ransom. On Mardi Gras, he hid the girl in the trunk of a taxi soundproof, a place where the girl is almost impossible to find.

Montgomery has one single day to pay the ransom of 10 million, although money is not in its possession, in spite of what I think Vincent and the FBI agent. Consequently, Montgomery has only one option: to trust his instincts and to ally again with another accomplice was: beautiful, intelligent and the attractive Jeffers Riley (Malin Akerman interpreted). Together, the two must plot a new heist because Montgomery to recover their daughter … Before it’s too late!

A dizzying thriller that brings together actor Nicholas Cage and director Simon West, who signed and directed films Con Air and Heroes of Sacrifice 2. The cast also includes Danny Huston and MC Gainey.

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