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Based on the character of Duncan Falconer’s novels, Stratton (2017) follows the story of John Stratton, an intelligence secret service agent immersed in a race against the clock to stop a group of terrorists intending to use a biochemical weapon in a ” A capital. John Stratton, a special agent with a lethal reputation, is dedicated to combating terrorism in an international conspiracy. Agent MI6 Stratton infiltrates with his teammate Marty in an Iranian lab to intercept deadly biochemical weapons. This extremely complex mission is spectacularly stupid, and in the chaos generated, Marty is mortally wounded. Back in London, Stratton receives information that a former Soviet operative, Barovski, has become a dangerous traitor. Considered dead in the last 20 years, it is believed that Barovski intends to revenge his former bosses using stolen chemical weapons. Under these circumstances, Stratton and his team have to demonstrate all their training and experience in a counter-clock flight destined to stop an unimaginable catastrophe.

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