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Superman vs. The Elite

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“Superman vs. The Elite” presents a new adventure of the famous superhero. Clark and Lois are happy to Metropolis Superman’s battle against evildoers but is never ready. Now Superman’s fight is even more difficult because the population was fed up with the way it operates. The world wants Superman to kill enemies because they no longer have a chance to escape and turn against the city and the world. Superman remains firmly in position but it is becoming increasingly difficult, especially because the world is in an ongoing war.

In an attempt to save civilians in front of a huge beetle, Superman is helped by four individuals with interesting powers, including the power of the mind, witchcraft, pure energy. The four is called The Elite and are in England. These new super heroes are immediately loved by the population because they can not do what Superman: become judges and executioners, killing and all opponents or those who want to do bad things. Superman must stop them and show people that violence is not the answer, but to do this you have to become like them. Will Superman to get people to understand and stop the The Elite?

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