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The Angels’ Share

The Angels’ Share tells the stories of young people with no future, in the suburbs of Glasgow, living under the crime who find themselves suddenly in a favorable environment. Which opened the eyes of life, making them overcome their petty provided. An embodiment of the expression as “the right man at the time and place”.

Robbie, the main character is a rogue barely escaped jail for assault and now do community work. When a child is born, Robbie realizes that his future and his family can no longer rely on fists dividing the left and right on the streets of Glasgow. He discovers an extraordinary sense of smell and decided to find a job in the whiskey trade, area quite well developed in Scotland.

Although the title refers to a phenomenon that occurs in the process of maturing whiskey (evaporation of 2% per year), the film is actually a film about second chances. Angels here being able to be interpreted as both those who “receive” offerings in alcohol evaporated from the barrel, and as the people you meet at critical times and that can totally change the course of life.

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