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The Attack

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Adaptation of the book “Assassination” written by Yasmina Khadra, the film shows the drama surgeon Israeli Arab origin Amin Jaafari drama that begins the day in a restaurant in Tel Aviv there is a suicide attack in which he killed 17 people, others are maimed for life. After fighting as a doctor to save the victims of the attack, at midnight awakened by a call from the hospital that works to go to recognize the kamikaze site that caused the explosion: his wife Siham, a woman lover, which led apparently a carefree life.

Looking for answers brings to Nablusla Amin, a town located 42 km from Tel Aviv, where its roots. Find there a part of the family and the people among whom was born immersed in their problems. Find answers to questions, and the explanation that I gave to Siham not as long as had been alive. And here begin to take shape other questions, for which it seems that there are no answers.

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