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The Eye of the Storm

Elizabeth Hunter was a beautiful woman and authoritative, who married a wealthy man of high society Australian and continued to seduce both politicians and artists, leading an existence promiscuous and exerting tyrannical control over to his two children named Basil and Dorothy.

Although far exceeded the age of 80 years and suffered a stroke that immobilized her to bed, the old lady keeps intact the spirit of domineering and has a destructive influence on both Basil and Dorothy, who flew European plane just to be with their mother in her last days of life, and the lawyer, the housekeeper and the two nurses who care.

Basil Hunter is a successful actor in London and Dorothy Lascabanes was married in Paris with a prince French, but both are facing financial problems and one of the hidden reasons for which came so quickly near the deathbed of their mother is the desire to assimilate a larger part of the family fortune. But bringing together the three bring out old resentments and frictions in the family and the son and daughter personalities collide violently with the mother.

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