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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


The main subject of the film is Harriet Vanger finding, blood relative of the great clan Vanger, who disappeared 40 years ago. Feeling his end near, the girl’s disappearance responsibility falling on his shoulders, Uncle Harriet Mikael Blomkvist hires journalist (Daniel Craig) to find it. Mikael had just had resigned from the newspaper I work for, after losing a lawsuit against a big corporation bomb and is in the grace period before beginning the sentence. Its roads intersect with Lisbeth Salander of hackeriĊ£ei (Rooney Mara), a peculiar girl who could find any information with a single click. Together Harriet discovers the disappearance is related to a series of grisly murders. Pushing aside the mist to bedding four decades over case the two their very lives.

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