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The Hurricane Heist

There are two forces of nature on the Alabama coast: a Category 5 hurricane and the US dollar …

We are in 1992. An unfortunate twist of destiny makes Bruce Rutchege, a professional hunter hunter lose his life, leaving his two sons, Will and Breeze, in the will of fate.

Twenty-five years later, Will, now a government meteorologist, is following the hurricane Tammy, the most powerful storm in the history of the United States, heading for Gulf, Alabama. While locals are being evacuated, officials start in a counter-clock flight to destroy $ 600 million in old banknotes before the hurricane hits the region. But they are not the only ones who have plans with this money …

Foresight Unlimited and Entertainment Studios feature JOF RED CODE, a thriller with Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten and Ralph Ineson, directed by Rob Cohen. Producers: Moshe Diamant pp., Christopher Milburn, Rob Cohen, Mark Damon, Michael Tadross, Jr., Danny Roth and Damiano Tucci, Karen Baldwin, p. and William J. Immerman. The script is written by Scott Windhauser and Jeff Dixon after a story by Anthony Fingleton and Carlos Davis. The picture belongs to Shelly Johnson.

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