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The Lincoln Lawyer


Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a certain lawyer in LA who, always on the road, use the back of a limousine Lincoln law office. Throughout careers, Haller feared that became unable to recognize an innocent man, but his last case makes it taste awful to feel guilt, native of evil, pure evil. Louis Roulet, the latest client is arrested for damaging a woman he met in a bar. Coming from a wealthy family, playboy is protected and supported by his mother, who wants at all costs to remove the hook. As you make out the case, Detective Haller and Raul Levin bring out a sinister side of his personality Roulet and countless proofs of his dark past. Although the young man is the most lucrative client ever had, Haller begins to be terrified of horror dimensions and price their own lives, struggles to do justice to this story.

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