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The Lion of Judah


Lion of Judah is a joyful and touching story at the same time, some cute animals living in a stable. Put together a pig adorable (Horace), a weak horse heart (Monty), a rat finicky (Slink), a cock naughty (Drake), a cow motherly (Esmay), a donkey depressive (Jack) and a lamb brave ( Judah) and live the adventure of a classic in the making.

After learning that Judah was caught by townspeople and faces the possibility of being sacrificed the Passover, his friends best decided to leave behind stable comfortable and embark on a series of adventures incredibly fun to find and Judah’s release.

Over many trials, interposes another story in which animals interact and mix with biblical history in which we find the King, who was born in their stable 30 years ago. Tricks and jokes heroes creates a unique and funny script that takes you through many moments full of delicious humor.

Lion of Judah is a movie that the whole family will enjoy, with scenes that combine delicate biblical times, and dealing with the impact events with care and humility. No doubt this film will teach you what strength that lamb can share.

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