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The Lords of Salem


The film’s story revolves around Heidi’s (Sheri Moon Zombie), a DJ at a local radio station in Salem, Massachusetts, and which along with Whitney and Munster team formed Radio Big h.

Heidi receives at any given moment a mysterious wooden box containing a vinyl disc called “a gift from the House of Lords”. She is supposedly a rock band and a commitment to spread the message that you want to convey. As Heidi and Whitey listens to recording the disc start running backwards and Heidi experiences a flashback from a trauma of the past.

Later on, Whitey, recording and listen to his surprise, the disc runs normally and is received as a big hit among listeners. The arrival of another wooden boxes from Lords to reward team Big H with free tickets, posters and records ready to host a concert in Salem. Heidi and the rest of the fans soon realizes that in fact the concert is not what it seems …

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