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The Notorious Mr. Bout


Before becoming “Lord of War” and be played by Nicholas Cage, Bout was devoted husband, Esperanto enthusiastic, young entrepreneur in post-Soviet Russia early years and amateur videographer. From young groom dancing with his new wife during the days of the coup in Moscow in the early 90s, to the mythological figure of “death postman”, arrested by Interpol in Thailand for the role it played in arming civil conflict Africa and Latin America, affable Viktor Bout has built his career with a dedication worthy of better causes and entrepreneurial instinct without ethical limits.

This film leaves delicious mounted on Viktor Bout to tell own story through the fabulous collection of tapes filmed by itself and e-mails sent from prison in New York where he is currently for arms trafficking. What transpires is a complex image, human and alarming at the same time terrifying and humorous post-communist corruption underlying the new capitalism whose only moral compass is money.

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