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The Nutcracker

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Act I

In the house of Mr. Stahlbaum Christmas festive atmosphere reigns. Parents are the finishing touches to the tree winter by placing near him presents for children. Lights beculeţele and opens the door. Clara and Fritz, Mr. Stahlbaum children, barging into the room. They are cousins ​​and cousins ​​with their parents. Children are placed in a row and begin a march merrily. After dancing for adults and uncle comes Drosselmayer. It is eagerly awaited, because every time you bring children unusual surprises. It will not disappoint even now. At first the children enjoy, then started arguing because gifts. Fritz won the contest and Clara breaks into tears. To console her, the girl’s uncle Drosselmayer gives a “Nutcracker”, dressed in military uniform. Fritz laughing and throws it hurts him, while Clara console. Because meanwhile getting late, his mother sent the children to bed. The guests retire. Clara farewell from Cracker “sick” and goes to sleep. After a while, Clara returns to the festive room. He falls asleep in the armchair, and thus continues the events of the evening. In the moonlight, the Christmas tree is growing, occupying a large part of the room. Mice, led by their king, appear everywhere and approached the girl. She rushes scary. Then he wakes Nutcracker, which, together with soldiers, fighting mice. The battle is not easy at Cracker and seems to yield. Clara intervenes and takes defeat on mice. Nutcracker turns into a prince young and beautiful. To thank saved, he invites the girl into the kingdom of sweets. Camera turns into a snowy pine forest. Snowflakes around them the two, showing them the way.

Act II

Finally, Clara and the Prince reaches the castle of the kingdom rose sweets. Prince-breaker sweets and fairy tells its story suite, highlighting courageous intervention of Clara against the Mouse King. The young couple is honor the entire royal court. The funniest characters will participate in entertainment consists of several dances: Spanish (Figures chocolate), Arabic (Figures coffee), Chinese (Figures Tea), Russian (Cossack small gingerbread), Italy. Clara and the Prince performs a wonderful “pas-de-deux”, then all the souls engage in chief “Waltz of the Flowers” in the final. For clarity, however, it was just a wonderful dream.

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