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The Roommate


In a bedroom dorm, fragile line of demarcation between friendship and obsession makes the film Roommate with Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly and Cam Gigandet, a psychological thriller that simply gives you the creeps. Director Christian E. Christiansen, Academy Award nominee, carried a story about madness and well dosed multiple personality, full of unexpected twists and surprises that breathtaking, about a naive student from freshman year, which begins to partner realize that her room is not what it seems.

Sara (Minka Kelly), a design student fresh starts in his native Iowa to Los Angeles possessed by the desire to start their studies and to know the great city that had seen him before. Cute, lively and curious by nature, Sara their wins over his new dorm mates, especially his fellow guest, Rebecca (Leighton Meester). Coming from a wealthy family in Pasadena, Rebecca takes Sara under her protection immediately, showing him the important places in the city and its rich sharing with her unique wardrobe of clothes.

But when Sara starts to make more friends on campus, spending their leisure time including Tracy (Aly Michalka) a lover of parties, Rebecca isolated, being jealous of her roommate, proving it’s more more social “glue” than her. As Sara enters into a romantic relationship with Stephen (Cam Gigandet) and after coming to Los Angeles Irene (Danneel Harris), mentor Sarah, Rebecca feels neglected and decides to fight to preserve it for Sarah to herself.

Rebecca possessive behavior is becoming increasingly alarming, and Sara begins to suspect that Rebecca is sabotaging all his friendships with others. When Sara hardly accept an invitation to spend Thanksgiving Day in the mansion Rebecca’s parents, she discovers a secret that convinces Rebecca to leave, moving with Stephen.
While Sara tries to distance himself from her former roommate, Rebecca becomes more violent in her obsession with Sara, making confrontation inevitable.

Screen Gems presents a production of Vertigo Entertainment, Roommate, taking her starring Leighton Meester ( “Gossip Girl”), Minka Kelly ( “Friday Night Lights”), Cam Gigandet (Burlesque) Aly Michalka (Easy A) , Danneel Harris ( “One Tree Hill”), Frances Fisher (Titanic) and Billy Zane (Titanic).

Roommate is a film directed by Christian E. Christiansen (Razon), Academy Award nominee, written by Sonny Mallhi (Possession). The film is produced by Doug Davison (How to Train Your Dragon) and Roy Lee (The Departed). The executive producers are Beau Marks (Son of the Mask) and Sonny Mallhi. Director of photography Phil Parmet (Halloween). Production Designer Jon Gary Steele belongs to (Burlesque) is edited by Randy Bricker, A.C.E. (Takers). Original music is John Frizzell (Legion), and mixing is conducted by Michael Friedman. Costume Designer Maya Lieberman (Takers).

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