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The Sunset Limited

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Inspired by the play namesake playwright Cormac McCarthy drama “The Sunset Limited” takes place in a rented apartment in New York, the two men called generic Black and White carries a philosophical discussion on the meaning or meaninglessness of existence .

After saved from death on White, a college professor who wanted to throw herself in front of the metro, the former convict Black is trying to keep him locked on suicide in his apartment to avoid a new attempt thereof to and end life at the same time wanting to know the reasons that led the visitor to enter into such a depression.

Sentenced to prison for murder and on the verge of being stabbed to death while in detention by another prisoner, Black claims he had a vision divine and that, since then, has become a believer, convinced that God have in White pathway to convert and bring the track. But White is an atheist, religious belief despises’s Black and everything he wants is to be left to their accounts end up with life.

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