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The Thing


Antarctica: an extraordinary continent of awesome beauty. He hosts an isolated observation and research station called Thule Station. There, an international team of researchers made a sensational discovery. But satisfaction discovery soon turns into a terrifying paranoia in the thriller The Thing – The creature, after the group of researchers found that a monstrous creature has the ability to turn into any human being, taking exactly the same appearance.

Paleontologist Dr. Kate Lloyd, of Columbia University, left her lab safety to come into this wilderness removed, which will provide a unique experience in life. Joining the Norwegian team led by Edvard Wolner who stumbled across a creature buried in the snow, Kate – along with her fellow explorers Dr. Sander Halvorson and Adam – discovers an organism that seems to have died in distant ages.

When a simple experiment, the creature is released from its icy prison, Kate must fight alongside the pilot Carter and his friend, Jameson, to avoid to kill all who stand in your way. In this vast expanse and ├«nfricos─âtoate, a parasite manages appearance suddenly take everything it touches … such people pitting them against each other, for it to survive and thrive.

The movie creature who wants to be a kind of prelude to the classic film of the same name by John Carpenter, 1982, Matthijs van Heijningen is achieved, which debuted in directing with him. Scenario thriller is written by ERIC Heisserer and based on the classic horror story entitled “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell JR.

By Abraham and Eric Newman producing the film under their home movies, Strike Entertainment. Their efforts van Heijningen’s and were supported by an excellent team, that includes director of photography Michel Abramowicz, SEAN HAWORTH writer, costume designer LUIS Sequeira, composer MARCO BELTRAMI and editors JULIAN CLARKE and Peter Boyle.
J. MILES DALE, DAVID FOSTER, Lawrence Turman Gabriel NEIMAND are the film’s executive producers.

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