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The Wholly Family

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Prize for Best Short Film Awards European Film Academy, the latest film by Terry Gilliam is “a comedy-adventure surreal, sponsored by the Italian manufacturer of pasta Garofalo, where a boy has a dream about a dinner nightmare after it’s sent to bed by his parents without food. tHE WHOLLY FAMILY is a charming travel oneiric, felliniană by his perception of dreams and reality as experienced simultaneously and reminiscent of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “by Lewis Carroll. When Jake falls through” rabbit hole “into a world of fantasy, he realities of the day last in his dream: hunger, dolls Pulcinella what they liked so much anger against parents . Waking boy brings dreams last night actually putting on a suit of Pulcinella, thus showing openly his role prankster. However, farsorul is tricked in turn, end brings a turn for the surreal story, revealing the significance scenes bizarre the Nativity and the magical powers of the old clerk. ” (Diana Mereoiu)

“The money coming from a source like that [no – commercial source] is not somehow dirty, do not work under pressure? No, there was no pressure. What happens when you see a film and shows the logo” 20th Century Fox “or” Universal Pictures “? that is an advertisement for” 20th Century Fox “or” Universal “. What’s the difference between the two situations? the difference was that no one intervened.” (Terry Gilliam)

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