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The Woman in Black

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The young lawyer Arthur Kipps leaves his son in London to leave INR a remote village to settle the legal issues related to the legacy of the late Alice Dabrowa. Once there, he discovers that a series of inexplicable accidents and suicides have forced residents to shut their children in homes to protect them against an invisible enemy.

He spends the night alone in the house late, Arthur hears the screams of a child drowning child and sees rows of figures marching decomposed apathetic. Soon, he will find that they share the same date of death, and the same killer.
Ghost of a woman scorned by the entire community because it has not been able to save his son, Nathaniel, take shape really scary. I tell people Woman in Black. A veil covering her face, obscures the holes where eyes once were, now eat animal scavengers and her curse hides a secret darker: How often makes its appearance, a child dies.

Facing hostility locals, Arthur Nathaniel’s skeleton out and bury it along with his mother, hoping that such evil spirit to find, finally, peace. But in a cruel twist of fate, The Woman in Black now turns its claws against his son Arthur. To escape a terrible fate than death, Arthur must sacrifice all they hold dear to save the child.

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