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The Words

The first book published by Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) triggers a storm of admiration as it happens once in a generation; literary world, but also the public’s imagination are stormed by this debut: friends recommend without hesitation, literary critics are enthusiastic; everywhere are talking about this book and Rory becomes a star of literature. Charismatic, talented, intelligent young writer seems to have it all: a beautiful life, a wife who adores him, aşernută whole world at his feet. And all because the words he put down on paper. But to whom these words belong? And, after all, who belongs to this story?

But just as the young writer enjoys huge success, a mysterious Elder (Jeremy Irons) finds him to confront with the revelation that, in fact, he is the real author of the novel. The old man tells him good memories, but tragic in his own youth spent in Paris after the end of World War II, which led to the creation of the book. Faced with the reality that someone else pay the price for truth and vision of the story, Rory remains troubled by critical questions regarding creativity, ambition, and moral choices that you made to feed these impulses.

Written as a story in the story, Rory’s life itself is a fictional creation. Behind all of this are, however, real-life literary genius, Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid). Seduced by a beautiful graduate (Olivia Wilde), comes to reveal the truth about his novel and can not help but reveal some clues linking the story book and his own secret past.

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