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When two boys who live amongst garbage dumps of Rio slums found a wallet, they have no idea that their lives will change forever. The two realize that they find something really valuable when they appear and learn that police offer a reward for the return of that generous wallet.

Rafael (Rickson TEVEZ) and Gardo (LUIS EDUARDO) team up with their friend Rato (Gabriel Weinstein) and embark on an extraordinary adventure, trying not to lose your wallet, escape the police and discover, while secrecy surrounding “spoil” them.

The three will have to learn how to distinguish an enemy from a friend, and when I put that together the story owner’s wallet, José Angelo (WAGNER MOURA) realize that we should not trust the police, especially its leader an extremely dangerous man named Frederico (Selton MELLO).

The only ones who are willing to help are two American missionaries who were working in the favela their father Julliard (Martin Sheen), a man who has lost any illusions in life, and his young assistant, Olivia (Rooney Mara), they having power to knock on doors suitable to save the boys from extremely hazardous predicaments they entered.

Trash is directed by STEPHEN Daldry from a screenplay by Richard Curtis, based on the novel by ANDY MULLIGAN.

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