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Treasure Guards


Angelo is tested for skills to be enlisted in the papal order of Treasure Guardians. After passing the test, Angelo intends to secure the 55th most sacred relic in the care of the guards there already 54 such sacred objects. These sacred relics are believed to have been touched by God himself and possess supernatural powers.

Victoria is an archaeologist seeking archaeological objects. Without enjoy much success in her efforts, being on the brink of bankruptcy, eventually discovers a manuscript that offers clues to the location of “Solomon’s Ring”. As part of the manuscript can not be read, it appeals to a former teacher for help. From now on there will be only aimed sacred object. They join the adventure Angelo and Luca, his brother.

In parallel with the Track team into action and the father of Victoria. Luca Angelo-Victoria-team finds clues in turn three of the manuscript which have their place in so many parts of the world. For their nemulţunirea every time someone they seem to get ahead. When finally Angelo, Victoria and Luke get all system components ring that have the ability to indicate the location of diamond mines of King Solomon, it does not work, and soon they discover that someone you thought was trustworthy ally proves be the opposite.

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