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Two Night Stand

For Megan and Alec, two young New Yorkers twenty-odd years, which ought to remain a one-night stand, without being emotional disaster turns into morning. When the whole city is paralyzed by a blizzard, the two remaining captives in the cramped apartment, Brookline‘s Alec, are faced with somewhat forced, to know beyond a simple adventure conventions. Marking the directorial debut of Max Nicols, An adventure for two nightsis erotic-romantic comedy about (re) finding love in the digital age.

A few months after graduation, Megan is unemployed, without love and without any mood to leave the house. Suffering for love after breaking engagement at that would be her husband, she romances the virtual rather than disinterest. But chance meeting with her ​​ex-boyfriend and his current partner and her colleague insistence Room, Faiza, will cause Megan to give him a date blindly” Alec, a nice guy and funny, which met internet autoinvitându at him home for her first one-night stand. The next morning, in an atmosphere of natural disasters, not romantic, young trying discretely to leave, but discovers that the whole city is paralyzed by a snow dump, which shows no sign it would stop.

Unable to leave the building, houses Megan awkwardly alongside Alec, and he cringed. Strive to spend together another day and a night, their first real conversation, face to face, oscillates between teasing and bickering, as virtual chemistry, originally appeared in her real plan is reintensifică. Assessing and mutually erotic IQ, the two realize the unique opportunity to actually live a life lesson that might grow. But just when it seems to be something special brewing between them, Megan discovers a shocking secret about Alec, which could put an end to their relationship, even before this have surpassed the bedroom door.


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