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Un gallo con muchos huevos – Valiant Rooster

Toto is a cockerel with high aspirations that go beyond singing every morning to wake farm animals. He dreams of being a great champion wrestling arena in the village. Destiny will make the desire to be fulfilled in an unexpected way. A farmer dishonest bilk a mistress and a forced bet the farm property in a cockfight. Thus, Toto will have to train to beat Bankivoide cock, Champion of Champions, knowing that the fate of the farm and its inhabitants lies in the “hands” of his.

Toto’s pals – Willy, Bibi, associate and Tocino – goes in search of a former champion cockfight, a true living legend to coach him their friend. For this, they must understand the only one who can lead the former champion, a duck egg skater named Patan, whose mental health appears to be questionable. Thus, Toto will train and fight in the arena, controlled by a large local businessman, El Padrino. On the same occasion, it will be placed face to face with Di, a beautiful hen madly in love with him.

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