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Viktoria: A Tale of Grace and Greed


Roma neighborhood in Budapest’s Victoria home. There lives in a small two-bedroom apartment with her mother, aunt, brother and nephews. Life everyday living Viktoria is to win by any means possible, including illegal sale of vegetables that are no longer fresh. It’s a life with no routine or plan about how and where you can earn a living. One day, when her friends returning from overseas with a lot of money in your pocket full of plastic jewelry and cheap clothes, Viktoria realizes that this district does not offer neither they nor her family a future. Secretly and alone decided to go to work in the West. Zurich hopes to give more money. Nightly parade in the Red Light District of Zurich, waiting for customers who must serve to gather. Annihilates their disgust with anesthetic drugs and the thought of a better future. Despite his situation more precarious, quickly finds the world of sex and violence and love, friendship and herself.

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