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Viy 3D


The film is based on writings original novel “Viy” (Вий) written by Nikolai Gogol. The action takes place at the beginning of the eighteenth century and is narrated by Jonathan Greene cartographer (Jason Flemyng).

The beginning of this century is marked by modern science in the fight to overcome the superstitions of the people. The expedition to the Far East, British cartographer Carpathians crossing, passing through Transylvania and get into a secluded hamlet, situated in an impenetrable forest region Malorossia (Малоросcия). This village looks different from other eastern explorer that I encountered on his journey. They were isolated by the rest of the world by a moat and believe it protects them from evil spirits.

There is tell terrifying stories about Homa Margin (Хомa Брут) Pannochka (Панночкa), but also a terrifying creature with a look that can pierce the soul of a man known as Viy (Вий). Despite warnings, Green pragmatist proceeds to the local church, in an attempt to compromise the stories. What he finds there is beyond scientific explanation and is also cruel truth about the village and its inhabitants.

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