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War for the Planet of the Apes

In Monkey’s Planet: War, the third chapter of the most widely recognized and franchised franchise, Cesar and his army of monkeys are forced to enter a deadly conflict with an army of people led by a ruthless colonel. Once the monkeys suffer unimaginable losses, Cesar struggles with his dark instinct and begins his own revenge mission. As this adventure brings them face to face, Cesar and Colonel struggle against each other, causing the fate of both species and the future of the planet.

Fifteen years ago, a failed scientific experiment gave birth to one
Species of intelligent monkeys … and a virus that was about to destroy the human race. The disease / cold / Simian virus, as it is known, has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Survivors, among the few people immune to this virus, envied those left without breath … while monkeys enjoyed the safety and prosperity of the northern forests of San Francisco …

With the emergence of their flourishing civilization, monkeys thrived in the absence of human presence … until they were discovered by a small group of desperate survivors, striving to lay the foundations for a new human colony. Colonists and monkeys struggled to coexist. But peace and understanding were shattered by Koba, a primate who could not control the revenge of those who had captured him in the past. Caesar, the monkey leader, tried to restore peace. But there was no way back from the brutal struggle that had already begun.

The colonists began to send desperate calls for help, unaware if anyone could hear them. But the signal was received 800 miles away by the Lewis-McChord Joint Base, where hundreds of soldiers found their refuge after the apocalypse produced by the virus. These men and these women represented what was left of the United States Army Military Services. Responding to the call, a well-defined battle division, led by a decorated Special Forces Colonel, was sent to join the battle. Caesar and the rest of the monkeys retreated to the forest, but the struggle by the people continued, being determined to destroy once and for all the monkey breed. For two years, the soldiers sought Caesar, but without any result, rumored to continue to lead his primates from a base hidden in the forest. The war continues.

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