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Warriors of the rainbow


Seediq population was forced to give up their own culture, tradition and faith during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. The men, skilful hunters were stink to work hard for occupants and women, who were traditionally tissue, have become household servants and for the Japanese. Seediq population was wont to tattoo their faces to become Seediq Bale, real people, but this tradition was banned by the occupation forces.

Mona Rudao saw how His people are oppressed for 30 years. In the fall of 1930, a year when slavery own people Seediq reached a climax, a young couple getting married and it’s time for joy at a party that appears and a Japanese, recently became inspector of the region. Tado Mona’s son Rudao, gives Japanese wine, but gets beaten because he had soiled hands and it offended the Japanese.

Tado Mona and his brother Baso Mona assaults on Japanese and begin an uprising. The whole tribe will reach the target of revenge Japanese so I asked Mona Rudao take the lead in the fight against the occupiers. Rudao longs to regain the dignity of his tribe, but would not want them to lose their lives in battle. Finally, thinking of the ancestors decide to start fighting. Seediq Bale – real people – believed in the rainbow and the Japanese believed the sun (they have now typified flag).

Mona Rudao led 300 warriors into battle against Seediq 3,000 Japanese soldiers. It is said that when they fought, some believing the rainbow and the other in the sun, had forgotten that, in fact, we all believed in the same sky.

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