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Watchers of the Sky


The film’s Edet Belzberg is structured around lawyer became a human rights activist Raphael Lemkin, a Jew born in 1900 in Poland, which created the term “genocide” – a key tool in mobilizing international laws to punish such crimes, laying the foundation Nuremberg trials and the International Criminal Court. The film follows five of genocide in international contexts: Armenia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan and Nazi Germany. Belzberg links biography and his vision Lemkin for a better world with the activity of four personalities of contemporary fighting for the prevention of future atrocities: Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, Luis Moreno Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Benjamin Ferencz, prosecutor at international military Tribunal at Nuremberg and Emmanuel Uwurukundo, senior official for the UN refugee problems. Animation discreet, made in watercolor and ink monochrome used to illustrate the biography of Lemkin – who gave the film a special prize of the jury at Sundance – turns Watchers of the Sky in a product not only substantial and necessary, but also artistic, capable to inspire the formal elegance. Critical conclusion of the film remains tied to the collective effort required for the operation of a global structure to ensure conviction of those guilty of acts of genocide.

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