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Water for Elephants


Young Jakob Jankovski his both parents die in an accident, even a week before he was to give the graduation exam of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The shock threw him into an adventure that will change his life forever. While trying to run his new condition, he casually throws a train belonging to a circus that gave performances in America. It is the Great Depression of the ’30s, and jobs are extremely hard to find.

At the circus he met Marlena and August Rosenbluth. He is the director of the circus menagerie and animal trainer, and his wife participate in the show with a number of horses trained. Jacob will receive the veterinary service, which will bring the family entourage Rosenbluth, revealing the cruelty of August to animals, but also for people. Marlena and Jacob erupts between an intense love, the more that is very dangerous.

Jacob befriends Kinko dwarf clown and old Camel, which helps to get work in the circus. The young man discovers that the world is full of dangers circus and rivalry, and people here have a well defined place. Will play a decisive role Rosie the elephant story.

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