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Wild Card

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Las Vegas, three days before Christmas, when the city is dead and depressing … A girl beaten and bloody – we will know soon as the HOLLY (Dominik García-Lorido) – is thrown from a car on a curve and left to die. But she is keen to reach emergency, where all you can say is ‘Nick’ …

Nick is the person who did this? When you first see Nick (Jason Statham) in a bar, we are inclined to believe that he is guilty. It’s a drunkard with intimidating behavior that gives the DD (Sofia Vergara), then take her boyfriend Osgood (Max Casella) when he makes his appearance.

Osgood came into the bar with the hope that it will convince him to move DD in Atlantic City. Does she hesitated to take this step because he’s a little guy with no prospects? His Osgood he likes to think he knows how to fight, and no one believes him until Nick and rile him and a stout receive from him in the parking lot in front of the bar. DD is impressed with Osgood’s heroism, so I agreed to go with him. Exactly as planned Osgood, that the day is set up to Nick to pay $ 500 for that entered into his game and let the beat Osgood to impress his girlfriend.

So begins a day that Nick will continue in a different sense. A former soldier and mercenary, Nick earns the money and then lose them playing gambling at cards, or who bets ensuring protection requires it. When the girl beaten him for help, Nick will enter into a series of trouble that will remember that the learned as a soldier he never looks …

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